Meditation V: Children Of The Scones

Though intended as a straightforward synthesis of the images and sounds that inspired my childhood, other occult themes emerged in the process of editing.  Ideally, this would be shown as a projection within an installation including a stone circle, a fog machine, and a laser light show.

Meditation II

This was created as a magical "love spell".  For many years I was obsessed with the movements of two short film clips: the gesturing figure of a gargoyle from the TV film GARGOYLES and the writhing contortions of a man's body from the 70s horror film DEATH SHIP.  I am convinced that there is a strange balance of power and disorder implicit in their design.  Along with the video and sound from these two films, I included a subliminal soundtrack from the final scene of the Merchant/Ivory film MAURICE, in which two lovers are united in defiance of social taboo.  The spell worked.  I entered into a new romantic relationship shortly after the video was created.  It didn't last very long.


Nature's Way

Using snippets from the 70s British TV show SAPPHIRE AND STEEL, various random sound effects, and borrowed music from People Like Us (Vicki Bennett), I edited together this short narrative about nature and morality.  Literally, it's about a woman compelled to infanticide by an unknown power.  Enjoy.


Gay Pride

A video about shame and sexualized consumerism (not to be confused with gay pride).  The soundtrack is the ranting of a street preacher mixed with the wonderful song "Consumer Gay" by Damian And The Puzzy France (used with his permission).

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A demonstration of my ability to enter into a trance state and speak in "tongues".  Unlike religious types, I manage to use actual words (presumably NOT from God).  I consider this an example of automatic composition as championed by the Surrealists.  I often enter into a trance when composing the initial sketches for drawings or paintings.